What Makes a House a Home These Days?

Most people, if they are lucky, live in a house, flat or bungalow and have heating, light and hot and cold running water. These are luxuries which until a relatively short time ago would feel like something to be happy about. Sadly these days our standards have gone a bit crazy and now we demand a whole lot more from a house for it to feel like a home. Do we need a reality check or is this just progress? You decide…


exterior doorsHow many homes have you been to which don’t have a television. Without a TV people now feel like they are missing out on something, even if it’s just the latest X Factor results. It is to be fair very cheap to get a TV, unless you demand a Hi Def LCD Flat Screen 3D one. So getting one isn’t too much trouble, but when you factor in the monthly subscription needed to get anything more than the standard channels prices start to creep towards the obscene.


With what feels like more cars than people now roaming around the UK, people demand parking outside their home no matter where they live. Despite parking permits and congestion charges and one way systems, parking is still a nightmare if you don’t have a driveway. Does it make your home feel less homely when you have a 10 minute walk to your car?


With the world going online and digitally transcribing everything except your cat, you cannot escape the online world encompassing us all. With social networking a particular hit with the masses, having broadband hooked up to your home is not far off being classed as a human right.

Double Glazing

Having good quality double glazed UPVC windows & doors is probably one of the most important things in your home. When you enter a home without double glazing it does feel colder, draftier and generally less comfortable, especially in the winter.

With double glazing guide prices more and more competitive, and some governments running home insulation subsidising schemes, you can usually get them installed without too much trouble. Double glazing is certainly one of the most home making things on this list.


Would you be able to live without a shower? People certainly did for many years. While it has been proven that baths are a lot more unhygienic, it is perfectly possible to survive without a shower. Many people however, will not consider living in a house without a shower.


Changing Your Exterior Doors Can Make a Big Impact